My impact at Stanley has been shaped by a passion for storytelling and an insatiable desire to leave the world better than I found it. Pairing inspiration from my cultural vantage point with the industry expertise of my teammates, we've been able to add to Stanley's evolving voice in the beverage industry.
UX Design
Started a redesign project of Stanleys collection pages, adding FAQ's and related search terms. Before ⬇️
After ⬇️
Email Marketing
Owned Stanley Holiday 2020 email program and designed 25+ emails sent out to 287K+ subscribers.
B2B Materials
Worked with sales team to produce multiple print + digital assets for sales channels.
Website Content
Created various assets for Stanley's DTC channel.
Executed icon design for multiple channels of Stanley business.
Brand Partnerships
Partnered with Creative Director, Marketing DIrector and VP of Product Design to pitch design concepts for potential brand partnerships such as Kid Cudi and Eddie Bauer. Executed design for Stanley H21 Northern Lights collection. 
Social Media
Partnered with stakeholders to execute on assets for our Black History Month social media campaign. Motion design by Josh Pluger.
Presentation Decks
Compiled visual decks to present social media campaign concepts to Marketing Director, Social Media Specialist and the creative team.
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