Hey, my name’s Bryan Perez! I’m a UX and Graphic Designer based in Seattle, originally from NYC (Wash Heights stand up!).

My early career consists of being surrounded by world-renowned orange Nike shoeboxes, designing how products were displayed on the sales floor and being an empathetic ear to consumers. As we time travel a few years into the future, you’ll see that I worked with clients breathe life into their visions through design and branding, maintained brand vision through design with SIFF and currently designing thoughtful, consumer engaging products through UX design.

One theme that is woven through my life is listening to people's’ stories. Stories, I believe, are an essential part of our existence as humans. Stories move, drive and inspire people into action. The ability to listen, empathize and be thoughtful in design are keys to an engaging and successful user experience.

Some things that define me are: music, hoops, and kicks.​​​​​​​ Outside of design, you can catch me on a basketball court, snuggled up with my wolf boi Wadsworth, or consuming sushi with my wife (and doggo).
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